Ethiopia-Japan Trade & Investment Seminar Boosts Economic Ties Between Nations

 The recent Ethiopia-Japan Trade and Investment Seminar served as a platform to bolster the longstanding economic relations between the two nations, according to the Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ambassador Mesganu Arga. He emphasized that the seminar is poised to enhance the longstanding amicable relations between the two countries in the economic sphere.

The event, organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in Tokyo, saw the participation of high-level government officials from both countries, as well as representatives hailing from 15 Ethiopian companies and 105 Japanese companies, amounting to a total of 120 company delegates.

During the seminar, State Minister Mesganu highlighted that the seminar presents a valuable opportunity to enhance trade ties between the two nations and foster partnerships among companies. He also urged Japanese firms to consider investing in Ethiopia and procuring export goods from his country.

On his part, Mr. Kasahun Gofe, Minister of State at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration of Ethiopia, underscored that trade forms a pivotal aspect of the longstanding bilateral relationship between Ethiopia and Japan, noting a substantial growth in trade volume between the two countries in recent years. He stressed the significance of advancing and strengthening this relationship even further.

Furthermore, the Chief Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Ms. Hana Arayasellasie, elaborated on the investment potential, opportunities, and incentives available in Ethiopia. She shed light on the promising investment landscape in the country.

Additionally, Mr. Aklilu Tadese, CEO of the Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation, emphasized the industrial parks and infrastructure developments established in the East African nation to attract investors.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Japan, Daba Debele, conveyed in his message that the participation of high-level government officials from both countries at the seminar signifies the burgeoning friendship and economic connections between Ethiopia and Japan. The ambassador underscored the event’s pivotal role in fostering increased investment, technology transfer, and trade exchange between the two nations.

It is said that the seminar not only provided a platform for dialogue and collaboration but also showcased the commitment of both Ethiopia and Japan to further strengthen their economic partnership, paving the way for enhanced investment, technology transfer, and trade exchange between the two countries.

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