Are you contemplating where to invest and why Ethiopia could be a viable option? Do you understand the potential risks associated with investing? If you’re uncertain about your investment strategy and its ability to meet your financial objectives, One-Stop Investment Consultancy is here to guide you. We specialize in addressing your queries and concerns, providing clarity and confidence in your investment decisions. Here’s a glimpse of our offerings:

Feasibility Study & Project Proposal
  • We specialize in crafting project proposals.
  • We conduct feasibility studies tailored to your investment ideas.
  • If preferred, we can select an investment sector that aligns with your capacity.
  • We manage the application and approval process.
Investment Site investigation, applying a for a request & approval
  • Comprehensive Investment Site Analysis
  • Facilitation of request submissions
  • Management of the approval process.
Applying for Investment Permit, Business License, TIN, VAT, work permit and Residence Permit etc
  • A streamlined process for securing necessary permits and licenses
  • Assistance with applications for Investment Permits, Business Licenses, TIN, VAT registration, Work Permits, and Residence Permits
  • Simplification of the regulatory landscape
  • Handling of paperwork, allowing you to focus on business growth.
Preparation of MoA and AoA for new establishing companies
  • Provide assistance in the preparation of Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) for newly established companies.
Legal Compliance
  • We ensure that your investments are compliant with the latest regulations and laws. Our team stays updated with changes in legislation to provide accurate advice.
Employee Relationship Management:
  • Our team ensures legal compliance in managing employee relationships and fostering a harmonious work environment.
Legal Paper Perparation
  • Drafting various contracts related to your business operations.
  • Preparing undertaking letters for governmental bodies
  • Assisting in granting power of attorney
  • Crafting lease agreements
  • Preparing other documents based on customer requests, in compliance with relevant national, regional, and local policies, laws, and proclamations.
Permanent consultant and liaison officer for Investments
  • Continuous support and guidance for your investment journey
  • Representation to facilitatae communication and coordination.
  • Understanding of your investment goals
  • Advice on investment strategies
  • Smooth execution of investment activities
Visa Solutions for investors and workers
  • The complexities of visa applications.
  • The understanding of regulations