Invastimantii jechuun bu’aa gaarii ykn bu’aa hanga invastimantii jalqabaa keessanii caalu argachuuf jecha pirojektii ykn hojii gosa tokko irratti yeroodhaaf maallaqa hojiitti galchuudha.

Feasibility Study & Project Proposal
  1. We specialize in crafting project proposals.
  2. We conduct feasibility studies tailored to your investment ideas.
  3. If preferred, we can select an investment sector that aligns with your capacity.
  4. We manage the application and approval process.
Investment Site investigation, apply for a request & approval
  1. Comprehensive Investment Site Analysis.
  2. Facilitation of request submissions.
  3. Management of the approval process.
  4. Preparing and facilitating necessary documents.
Applying for Investment Permit, Business License, TIN, VAT, work permit and Residence Permit etc
  1. A streamlined process for securing necessary permits and licenses
  2. Assistance with applications for Investment Permits, Business Licenses, TIN, VAT registration, Work Permits, and Residence Permits
  3. Simplification of the regulatory landscape
  4. Handling of paperwork, allowing you to focus on business growth.
Preparation of MoA and AoA for new establishing companies
  1. Provide assistance in the preparation of Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) for newly established companies.
Legal Compliance
  1. We ensure that your investments are compliant with the latest regulations and laws. Our team stays updated with changes in legislation to provide accurate advice.
Employee Relationship Management:
  1. Our team ensures legal compliance in managing employee relationships and fostering a harmonious work environment.
Legal Paper Perparation
  1. Drafting various contracts related to your business operations.
  2. Preparing undertaking letters for governmental bodies
  3. Assisting in granting power of attorney
  4. Crafting lease agreements
  5. Preparing other documents based on customer requests, in compliance with relevant national, regional, and local policies, laws, and proclamations.
Permanent consultant and liaison officer for Investments
  1. Continuous support and guidance for your investment journey
  2. Representation to facilitate communication and coordination.
  3. Understanding your investment goals
  4. Advice on investment strategies
  5. Smooth execution of investment activities
Visa Solutions
  1. Investment Visa
  2. Work Visa
  3. Tourist Visa Processing Consultancy