Ethio-Djibouti Railway Reports Strong Revenue

The Ethio-Djibouti Railway Share Company (EDR) is chugging along towards a good year, reporting strong revenue growth in the past nine months. The company earned Birr 2.84 billion from railway services so far.

Passenger transportation is also on a smooth track. EDR transported 148,664 passengers, achieving a 95.9% success rate against its goal of 155,000 within nine months.

However, cargo transportation hit a bit of a snag. While still managing a significant 1.442 million tons of incoming and outgoing cargo, this fell short of EDR’s 2.01 million-ton target, representing a 71.6% achievement. The company acknowledges challenges such as equipment failures, cargo handling disruptions, security concerns in the Red Sea, and floods impacting the Port of Djibouti. These factors contributed to a seven percent decrease in cargo volume compared to the previous year.

Despite these hurdles, EDR plans to enhance railway loading and unloading efficiency by 7.5% in the remaining months of the fiscal year. Additionally, the company is currently evaluating the effectiveness of recently implemented service reforms, with results to be disclosed upon completion.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

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