Ethio Telecom Launches A New Feature On Its Telebirr SupperApp To Streamline Services

Ethio Telecom has launched a new feature on its telebirr SuperApp known as telebirr Engage, where customers can transact, socialize, and share via text, images, QR codes, audio, and video within a unified platform.

“With this feature, our customers can easily exchange information, enrich their business transactions, enhance social engagement free of internet charges, and settle digital payments in addition to telebirr’s existing multiple functions such as digital transaction, money transfer, digital finance services and hosting numerous other applications-all in one solution,” said CEO of the company Frehiwot Tamiru during 5he launching ceremony.

“The new telebirr Engage enables both businesses and individual customers to have individual or group text chat, share photos, audio, video, and files free of internet charges. It enables them to send personalized or group messages along with monetary gifts for holidays or various social occasions. This service also incorporates a new feature allowing customers to conveniently purchase packages, airtime, and a range of other services in all-in-one telebirr SuperApp,” she added.

“Our company is strongly committed to continuing to introduce digital solutions that will meet the ever-growing demands of its valued customers, streamline their business operations and daily routines, enhance their convenience, improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and promote a comprehensive digital economy,” the CEO added.

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