Morocco-Ethiopia Relationship Showing Progress in Past Few Years: Ambassador M’hammdi

The bilateral cooperation between Ethiopia and Morocco has been showing progress, especially in the past few years, Ambassador Nezha Alaoui M’hammdi told ENA.

Morocco Ambassador to Ethiopia, Nezha Alaoui M’hammdi said that the agreements signed to strengthen the relationship between the two countries in 2016 were among the engines that strengthened bilateral relations between the two countries.

According to her, Morocco Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita has recently held talks with his Ethiopian counterpart Taye Atske Selassie about ways of enhancing bilateral issues on the sidelines of the 37th African Union Summit

Ambassador M’hammdi stated that the discussions and agreements have helped to strengthen the partnership between the countries, in addition to expanding the scope of cooperation between institutions in various fields, including sports, culture, and industry.

The historical relationship between Ethiopia and Morocco has not transformed into trade and investment cooperation to the extent desired, she noted, adding that the countries must work to strengthen cooperation in these spheres.

Yet, Ambassador M’hammdi revealed that a fertilizer factory project is being implemented in Dire Dawa in line with the agreement signed between the Moroccan Fertilizer Company and the pertinent Ethiopian party.

The ambassador further pointed out that Morocco wants to expand its investments in the field of fertilizer production and increase its activities in various fields, including manufacturing and agriculture.

In this regard, the Moroccan embassy in Ethiopia is working to involve Moroccan investors in the field of investment in Ethiopia, she said.

Ethiopia and Morocco have a good relationship in the field of education, the ambassador noted, adding that her country provides educational scholarship opportunities for Ethiopian students in various fields in Morocco.

Ambassador M’hammdi indicated that the coming period of cooperation between the two countries is bright and there is a mutual desire to transform the relationship into a strategic partnership.

The diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and Morocco began in 1966.

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