Chinese Language Training Launched To Enhance Police Capacity In Ethiopia

The Confucius Institute of Addis Ababa University launched Chinese language training for law enforcement personnel in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, Wednesday, aiming to enhance cultural exchanges and collaborate on security matters with the East African country.

Organized by the Ethiopian Police University, the language proficiency training will run for three months with about 24 police officers selected from different departments. They will attend the training at the headquarters of the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Shen Qinmin, minister counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, said the language courses will help enhance cross-cultural knowledge between the peoples of the two countries and bridge communication gaps between the police and Chinese nationals in Ethiopia.

“Through the language training, the law enforcement officers will get acquainted with more Chinese cultures and serve the Chinese community better,” he said.

Noting that China and Ethiopia share ancient civilizations, Shen said the training program is part of the all-weather strategic partnership reached between China and Ethiopia during a recent visit by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to China. This training program is a lively embodiment of the strategic partnership.

After finishing the three-month training, Shen said he hopes that the trainees will be able to learn more about Chinese culture and build up their communication capacity to serve Ethiopian and Chinese societies with compassion and integrity.

President of the Ethiopian Police University Mesfin Abebe said on the occasion that the Chinese language training program will help strengthen the strategic partnership between Ethiopia and China and enhance their people-to-people relations.

Noting that Ethiopia and China are enjoying growing and multifaceted cooperation, the president said the federal police will provide necessary protection to Chinese investments in Ethiopia for mutual benefits.

“Having the Chinese language training here will enable our police officers to understand Chinese culture and civilization and foster China-Africa cooperation,” Abebe said.

Appreciating Chinese discipline and law enforcement operations, Abebe said the Ethiopian law enforcement bodies would like to adopt those disciplines, work culture, and practices to strengthen the police service in the country.

Elsa Wasu, a member of the crime investigation department of the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission, is one of the few women police officers attending the Chinese language training in Addis Ababa. Wasu spoke of the communication gaps she encountered while offering services to Chinese nationals in Ethiopia.

“We had to look for an interpreter when the Chinese nationals approached us, looking for our services. After I attend the Chinese language courses, I hope I will serve them well and get the right results,” she added. Xinhua

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