HBM Group To Build Syringe Manufacturing Plant In Ethiopia

HBM Group is going to build the first company in Africa that will produce one million syringes per day in Kilinto Industrial Park in Ethiopia.

HBM Group, a pharmaceutical company, has informed Ethiopia’s Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) that it has decided to manufacture one million syringes per day at Kilinto Industrial Park.

IPDC CEO, Aklilu Tadesse, received the owner of HBM Group in his office and exchanged views.

Among the investment centers built and managed by the corporation, Kilinto Industry Park is one of the best and most competitive pharmaceutical centers in the world, Aklilu said during the occasion.

He emphasized that the investment should support the efforts of Ethiopia to replace the imported medical equipment in the country in order to have a high level of technology and knowledge transfer.

The owner of HBM Group, Mr. Gordon during the occasion announced a plan to build a world-class syringe factory in Kilinto Industrial Park, the first in Africa, and to produce more than 1 million syringes per day and 300 million per year.

The members of the delegation had previously visited Kilinto Industrial Park and they stated that they were attracted by the infrastructure and service approach they saw in the Park and that helped them to make the decision.

HBM Group was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York City, USA. It is a giant company that manufactures various medical equipment and is a leader in the field in China.

The company has been cooperating with the Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Agency (EPSA) for the past 8 years and is exporting its products to more than 100 countries around the world.

Source: FBC

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