Harar, Wenshan Cities Keen To Establish Twinning Partnership

Ethiopia’s historic city of Harar and Chinese Wenshan city set sights to establish sister city partnership as they discuss twinning partnership between them.

During a virtual discussion between the leadership of the two cities, Harari regional state chief administrator Ordin Bedri recalled that Ethiopia and China have shared strong and cooperative relations for centuries. “I would like to thank China for its support in various fields of economy, diplomacy, peace and development.”

Reminding that Harar city is home to various UNESCO-inscribed world heritages, including Harar Jugol, the Chief Administrator underscored that Harar has been globally recognized as city of peace, harmony and tolerance.

He confirmed that the leadership of the two cities held a virtual meeting to discuss ways to establishing sister city partnership.

The two dignitaries also agreed to work together to promote their culture, preserve and protect their historical heritages and museums, strengthen people-to-people ties and boost trade and investment sectors, Ordin further confirmed.

He expressed the determination of the Harari regional government to establish cooperation with the city of Wenshan.

For their part, the Wenshan officials said the relations between the Ethiopia and China span for centuries old, built based on great friendship.

Harari regional chief administrator Ordin Bedri and his entourage will visit the city of Wenshan, the regional government communication service said.

Source: FBC

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