Ethiopia, China Deepening Bilateral Cooperation Through Strategic Partnership: Embassy Deputy Chief

The Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia together with the Chinese Mission to the AU marked the 74th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

In his opening remarks, Embassy Deputy Chief Shen Qinmin stated that the last 74 years have witnessed fruitful achievements out of China’s relentless efforts.

China’s development will not be possible without the world, and will in turn bring more opportunities to the world. China looks forward to discussing future development plans with all countries.

Many nations including Ethiopia have realized their dreams of infrastructural development including railways, big bridges and ensured poverty alleviation, according to Deputy Chief.

He said China-Ethiopia comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership deepens the bilateral cooperation across the board.

“This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Ethiopia. Our mutual political trust has been enhanced with frequent high-level exchanges,” he added.

He noted that China and Ethiopia have jointly made great efforts to promote peace and development in the Horn of Africa in a bid to make contribution to peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region.

He also stated that the BRICS mechanism presents a new vision and new opportunities for the two countries’ common development.

“Ethiopia plays an important role in regional cooperation and global affairs. Ethiopia’s joining BRICS will bring new vitality and the momentum to the BRICS cooperation and to build the mechanism into a key platform for a fair and just global political order and economy with inclusive and sustainable development.”

According to him, China has been supporting development endeavors in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia.

Through the Belt and Road Initiative, China helps Africa effort for modernization into a faster track.

Moreover, Deputy Chief Shen Qinmin noted that both China and Ethiopia attach great importance to green development.

“The Green Legacy initiative by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed highly dovetails with the concept of Chinese modernization characterized by a harmony between the human being and nature.”

The two countries are committed to preserving the ecological environment so as to effectively cope with challenges posed by climate change, the deputy chief added.

Ethiopia’s Finance Minister Ahmed Shide praised China for achieving a lot of results in terms of economic development, poverty alleviation and societal development in state institutions to become the pillar of global order during the past 74 years.

For the minister, Ethiopia is the best example when it comes to China-Africa cooperation. The cooperation between Ethiopia and China is very comprehensive and strategic, he added.

As a result, the two countries have been working together in infrastructural development, including railway, expressway, energy, telecom, industrial development and capacity building, among others.

Ahmed further noted that Ethiopia’s membership in BRICS is going to add new dynamism for cooperation between Ethiopia and China.

“The membership of Ethiopia to BRICS is the testament for the potential and bright future for Ethiopia, and for the comprehensive development and reform with which the country is embarking, given the population and geographic location.”

Former President Mulatu Teshome on his part said that China has always been defending common interest in pursuing common prosperity of countries in Africa.

As Ethiopia is one of the most promising countries on this continent striving at a faster pace like never before, the BRICS platform will help it to enhance its cooperation with other countries, the former president stated, adding that “our commitment to deepening cooperation with China and ASEAN countries for mutual benefit remains consistent.

African Union Commission Deputy Chairperson Monique Nsanzabaganwa said China and Africa have forged an unbreakable fraternity in the struggle against poverty in the past 70 years.

Africa and China have written a splendid chapter over mutual assistance amid complex challenges and set a shining example for building a new type of international relations, she added.

“We need further opening up in new prospects for China-Africa cooperation, expansion of trade and investment, experience sharing on poverty reduction, strengthening cooperation on the digital economy.”

Nsanzabaganwa reiterated that the African Union will continue to appreciate the Chinese accompaniment in the implementation of the global development initiative, which dovetails with African Union’s Agenda 2063 and UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Source: FBC

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