Ethiopian Airlines Announces Expansion Plans and New Routes

Ethiopian Airlines is taking off for a major expansion, adding new routes in Africa and Europe alongside increased flight frequencies. The airline’s CEO recently announced plans to boost its domestic and international reach.

More planes are on the horizon too, with Ethiopian Airlines acquiring additional Boeing aircraft to complement existing Airbus orders. The focus on expansion is clear, with Freetown, Sierra Leone, Warsaw, Poland, and cities in Botswana being eyed for new routes. The airline is committed to continual growth, and additional destinations will be evaluated for potential inclusion.

Ethiopian Airlines has already hit the ground running this year with new flights to London Gatwick, Madrid, and Bangui, demonstrating its commitment to expansion.

Looking ahead, the airline has ambitious plans to become a major global player. Its vision by 2035 includes reaching USD 25 billion in annual revenue and serving a staggering 67 million passengers. To achieve this, the airline plans to double both its fleet and destinations by that same year.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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