Energy China Keen To Engage In Construction Of New Industrial Parks – GM

The Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) indicated that the China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC) has expressed a keen interest in undertaking the construction of new industrial parks and pursuing various investment opportunities in Ethiopia.

IPDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Aklilu Tadesse, convened a meeting today with a delegation from CEEC, led by the corporation’s General Manager, Shen Zhen.

During the discussions, the CEEC General Manager conveyed the corporation’s desire to collaborate with the IPDC in the development of new industrial parks and to engage in a range of investment sectors.

Furthermore, the CEEC officials presented a detailed plan outlining their intent to venture into the manufacturing of cement, electrical materials, and other investment domains.

In response, IPDC CEO Aklilu affirmed the corporation’s readiness to work in close partnership with CEEC and to establish direct

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