The Ministry of Trade and Continuous Relations has held a meeting with exporters of cotton, oil grain and standing animals regarding the implementation of cost trade plan and issues that can improve cost trade in the past 7 months.

Addis Ababa 25/6/2015 (Naketemi) The discussion was held to review the performance of the seven months of the fiscal year, discussed the problems faced and to create a better system and service for the sender.

The Minister of Trade Relations and Expenditure Trade Promotion Sector Mr. Kasahun Gofe has stated that working closely with the main owners of the Foreign Trade and solving the problems and solving the problems is a continuous work to achieve the plan of the sector. While attending the discussions, the delegates who solve the problems will benefit from the results. In contrast, with the ministry office. It has also been pointed out that those who don’t work closely, don’t attend discussions and don’t earn a profitable income from the business they have accumulated will be fired.

A seven-month cost implementation has been presented on the stage and it has been stated that contraband, certain expensive products, global market fluctuation of demand and price, and not supplying products on time.

The lakis present in the discussion said that there are problems related to foreign exchange supply, price development of products, productivity and not approving bank loans for new leavers. In addition, the participants stated that there are issues related to the service of the customs commission, contract farming, and lack of transport. They also gave ideas that they have to fix in the future to make the business successful.

Increasing the productivity of agricultural products, introducing new products to the market with research, making foreign trade services online are the things the government should focus on by providing quality and quantity of products, and we all have to work hard to grow our foreign trade.

Minister Mesfin Abebe said that he will work closely with the customs commission and the ministry of agriculture to solve the problems of service delivery and increase productivity.

Mr. Kasahun Gefe said that the ministry wants all emigrants to be successful in a way that benefits themselves and the country. He said that he has accepted the problems that the lakers have faced for 7 months of the budget year. He also said that the dollar they have taken will be used for a better foreign exchange and will encourage those who have earned foreign currency and will provide all the necessary services.

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