The Ministry of Tourism has announced that the one-month National Tourism and Hospitality Investment Fair at Addis Ababa Science Museum will be open to visitors from tomorrow.

It is said that the exhibition will be open from October 10 to November 08, 2023, and tourism destinations in all regions, and traditional clothes, materials, culture, and values that promote Ethiopia will be presented.

The public relations executive of the tourism minister Alemahehu Getachew explained to ENA that there will be panel discussions focusing on the tourism sector.

He explained that more than 100 stakeholders in various fields will participate in the fair.

He pointed out that foreign and domestic visitors, government officials, students, and various sections of society are expected to visit the exhibition.

Apart from promoting the country’s natural resources and other blessings, it is also pointed out that the fair will contribute to the sector’s development.

Source: FBC

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