Nation Prepares Logistics Master Plan To Transform Sector

Ethiopia has prepared a logistics master plan intending to transform and build a strong logistics system.

A half-day validation workshop on Ethiopia’s Logistics Masterplan Phase I Diagnostic was held today.

Speaking at the workshop, hosted by Ethiopian Maritime Authority, State Minister of Transport and Logistics, Denge Boru said logistics is the backbone of all economic sectors, which requires regular review and improvement of the sector plan.

He recalled that the nation developed the National Logistics Strategy (NLS) to address the shortcomings and transform the country’s logistics sector.

Preparing a logistics master plan is one of the basic issues set by the strategy aimed at improving logistical competitiveness.

Moreover, he pointed out that the Masterplan aspires for increased global competitiveness noting the pivotal role being played by the logistics sector to strengthen the country’s economic development.

Ethiopian Maritime Authority, Director General Abdulber Shemsu said the new master plan will help to identify gaps in the sector in terms of infrastructure, warehouse, and digitalization, among others, and address them accordingly.

“We finalized data validation from government and non-government institutions. Now we are discussing with stakeholders on the developed master plan and how it will be implemented,” he stated.

Ethiopia’s import and export trade logistics are expanding in the global market, he said, adding that it is critical to invest in the development of the sector in terms of digitalization, infrastructure, and institutional capability, among others.

Economist at DT Global, an international consultant, Mark Pearson said on his part logistics is very important for Ethiopia’s import and export trade.

Therefore, he elaborated that the master plan is vital to the economic well-being of the country.

“We can address the concerns and we can address the challenges of the logistics sector and we can then start reducing the costs of production.”

The Ethiopian Logistics Masterplan developed by DT Global, was learned.

Source: ENA

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