It has been stated that stock unions should be supported and followed up with legal framework.

Addis Ababa 27/6/2015 (Naketemi) Ministry of Trade and Continuous Relations, Licensing and Regulatory Executive, has given training to regional commerce offices, document verification and registration service and other stakeholders in the sector in Adama.

Training Ethiopian Commercial Law 1243/2013 Stock Unions and Sector Associations Establishment Proclamation 341/1995 Amendment Draft Concerned Stones, Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Proclamation No. 813/2006 Trade Integration Concepts and Implementation Guidelines.

The commerce law 1234/2013 on stock unions and the establishment of commerce councils proclamation 341/1995 amendment and training by the minister of commerce and continuous relations Mr. Frew Mamo, the advisor of DETA has said that it is necessary to spread a strong trade law and be competitive in the international market.

Mrs. Metiqua Adugna, the head of the stock unions organization support and integration desk, has stated that the list of stock unions registered in the Ministry of Trade and Continuous Relations has been sent to all regions and city administrations and said that all stock unions should be supported and followed up with the law and regulations. The manager doesn’t hold it, all experts in the sector are based on race. They have to work according to the proclamation and legal framework.

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