Ethiopian To Launch E-Commerce Cargo Facility Next Month: Group CEO

Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services is set to put into operation an e-commerce cargo center, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mr. Mesfin Tassew said.

The Cargo and Logistics Services constitute about 35 percent of the Ethiopian Airlines Group’s total revenues, Mesfin disclosed.

The group CEO said that Ethiopian currently has 16 fully dedicated cargo freighter aircraft and will soon receive a new cargo aircraft.

Unrivaled in its network coverage, Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services provides a transport service to 60 plus destinations in Africa where more than half of the cities are served with a mix of freighter aircraft ensuring the safe and fast transportation of the goods within and beyond the continent.

“The cargo business today constitutes about 30 to 35 percent of our total revenue. Total revenue in the last fiscal year that ended in June was 6.1 billion USD and around 2 billion USD of revenue was generated from the cargo and logistics services,” Mesfin elaborated.

Ethiopian is providing freight services to global customers in more than 125 international destinations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas with belly-hold capacity and dedicated cargo destinations.

The Cargo and Logistics Services operates with a state-of-the-art cargo terminal, which is the largest in Africa and is fully automated with one of the latest Cargo IT systems by adopting the latest aviation systems and technologies to provide efficient freight service across the globe.

Ethiopian is the largest cargo network operator in Africa and one of the major global cargo carriers with a modern warehouse of 1 million tons storage capacity, ENA’s report mentioned.

“Today we have two facilities and big warehouses specifically designed for cargo and perishable goods. And we are going to add a certain facility to support with E-commerce. These are the facilities being built specifically to conduct e-commerce and they will be commissioned in the coming month; by December 15, we will inaugurate that and it will help us to go into e-commerce business for the first time and it will add to the growth plan of the cargo business,” the CEO pointed out.

With Vision 2025, where most of the parameters have been attained ahead of time, Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services is now on an even greater road to achieving its new Vision 2035.

Ethiopian seamless air cargo service plays a significant role in boosting Inter-African trade and the active implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Source: FBC

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