Ethiopian Investment Promotion, B2B Forum Held In India’s Gujarat

The collaborative efforts between the Ethiopian Embassy in India and the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce (SGCCI) culminated in a pivotal business and investment forum held from December 8th to 9th, 2023, at Surat, Gujarat’s epicenter of commerce.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to India, Demeke Atnafu delineated the plethora of investment prospects available in Ethiopia, accentuating priority sectors such as agriculture, agro-processing, pharmaceuticals, ICT, and mining.

Highlighting Ethiopia’s allure as a prime investment destination in Africa, the Ambassador delineated the factors setting Ethiopia apart from other nations. Specifically, he underscored India’s pivotal role as Ethiopia’s second-largest trade partner, emphasizing the burgeoning investments from Indian stakeholders, with a remarkable registered capital of 5 billion USD, solidifying India’s position as a substantial contributor to Ethiopia’s economic growth.

In a poignant acknowledgment, Ambassador Demeke Atnafu paid homage to the historical ties between Ethiopia and Gujarat, acknowledging the profound contribution of Gujarati traders, who were the first Indians to venture into Ethiopia during the 19th century. He expressed gratitude for their role in bolstering Ethiopia’s economic development.

The ambassador’s presentation was succeeded by insightful Business-to-Business (B2B) discussion, fostering meaningful dialogues among the more than 150 esteemed company owners and industrialists present at the forum. This convergence served as an ideal platform to explore synergies and potential collaborations, further fortifying the prospects for a robust trade and investment relationship between Ethiopia and India.

Source: FBC

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