Ethiopian, Cuban Sugar Industry Groups Discuss Prospect Of Cooperation

Officials of the Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group discussed with the officials of Cuba’s Azcuba Grupo Azucarrero sugar production company about possible cooperation issues.

During the meeting, the CEO of Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group, Mr. Wayo Roba, asserted that there is an interest in cooperating with their Cuban counterpart in sugarcane biotechnology, development of various products, machine operation and maintenance management, supply of machine accessories, and capacity building.

He said that Cuba’s experience in the sector will be vital to utilize Ethiopia’s potential in sugar development and to make the sector effective as well as to oversee the ongoing reforms.

Stating that the government is working to privatize eight sugar factories, Mr. Wayo said that in this regard, Cuba’s experience in working with other countries in the sector is an important resource for Ethiopia.

He also explained that the areas where the two parties can work together will be identified and an agreement will be signed between them.

It is learned that the discussion was held in conformance with the direction set following the meeting between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdez Mesa last week.

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