Ethiopian Airlines Announces Discounted Fare For Second-Generation Diaspora

Ethiopian Airlines, following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s invitation, has reduced the price of plane tickets and hotel accommodation for those second-generation diaspora coming home.

The premier called on the second-generation members of the diaspora to come to Ethiopia in three rounds last week while inaugurating the Chebera Elephant Paw Lodge.

Following the call, a main committee led by the Ministry of Tourism and comprising federal and regional institutions has finalized preparations to welcome the second-generation members of the diaspora.

Ethiopian Airlines Group Chief Commercial Officer, Lemma Yadecha told ENA that the airline has been contributing its share on several occasions when the PM extended such calls for members of the diaspora.

Following this recent invitation from the premier, the airline has made a 15-20 percent discount on plane tickets for second-generation diaspora responding to the call, the chief officer announced.

Also, the Ethiopian Airlines Group would make a 15-20 percent discount and special preparations at the Skylight Hotel for the guests.

The PM invited the second-generation members of the diaspora to come home in three rounds from the end of December 2023 to the beginning of September 2024.

Those who come in the 1st round under Connect to Your Multi-cultural Roots would celebrate Ethiopian Christmas, Epiphany, and victory celebrations afterward.

The 2nd round homecoming dubbed Connect to Your History will be during the African Union annual summit to the coming rainy season.
The 3rd round is from summer to the end of September 2024 and under the motto Leave Your Legacy through tree planting, teaching, and participating in other works.

Source: FBC

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