ESL Striving to Make Ethiopia East Africa’s Leading Shipping and Logistics Service Provider

A real capacity that makes Ethiopia a leading country in shipping and logistics services in East Africa is being created, according to the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise (ESL).

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise CEO, Beriso Amelo, told ENA that the enterprise has generated over 27 billion Birr in revenue by transporting 400,000 tons of goods during the past six months.

According to him, the enterprise has been carrying out a reform that considers the nation’s economic growth and the growing demand of the people.

This has yielded tangible outcomes, he stated, adding that the enterprise exceeded its plan to raise 17 billion Birr revenue by a significant margin and netted 3.2 billion Birr profit.

The CEO has acknowledged the government’s special attention to the advancement of the enterprise over the past five years.

Seizing this opportunity we are working to make Ethiopia own the largest logistics service provider in East Africa, Beriso stated.

As a result, effective expansion of Ethiopia’s shipping transport and logistics destinations and building customer base have been underway.

The performance of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise over the past six months shows not only its active involvement in the country’s development but also its commitment to contribute to national goals through the provision of efficient services.

Moreover, Beriso pointed out the wide range of investment opportunities in shipping and logistics for those interested in the sector.

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