Dutch Investment In Ethiopia Surpasses One Billion USD: Ambassador

Dutch businesses in Ethiopia have invested at least one billion USD, making substantial contributions to Ethiopia’s economic growth, Henk Jan Bakker, Ambassador of Netherlands to Ethiopia said.

Highlighting the significant Dutch business presence in Ethiopia, the ambassador stated that nearly a hundred Dutch companies have invested in various sectors.

Notably, the horticulture and floral industries have emerged as a prime destination for Dutch investments, contributing significantly to Ethiopia’s foreign exchange earnings.

These investments have propelled the Netherlands to become the largest destination for Ethiopian exports, accounting for 10% of the country’s total exports, Ambassador Bakker said.

Dutch investments in Ethiopia primarily focus on agriculture, particularly horticulture and flowers, he said.

He stated that the major Dutch breweries such as Heineken and partly Dutch-owned Habesha beer have made substantial investments in Ethiopia’s beer industry, he said, as quoted by ENA.

Additionally, smaller investments have been observed in the fintech and other sectors, it was learned.

Noting the long-standing and robust relationship between the Netherlands and Ethiopia, the ambassador expressed a desire to further strengthen and enhance ties between the two countries.

The Netherlands remains committed to nurturing and expanding the bilateral relationship, focusing on economic cooperation, investment promotion, and collaboration on common challenges, according to the ambassador.

He pointed out that with a shared vision for progress, both countries seek to build on their strong foundation and forge a prosperous future together.

Furthermore, the Netherlands has been one of Ethiopia’s major partners in development cooperation, he said.

With a focus on food and nutrition security, water resources, and healthcare, the Netherlands has been actively engaged in supporting Ethiopia’s developmental needs, the ambassador said.

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