The purchase of fuel is going to be carried out fully through electronic payment system.

Addis Ababa 24/6/2015 (Naketemi) The Ministry of Trade and Continuous Relations and Ministers of Transport and Logistics have announced in a joint press release.

Minister of commerce and continuous relations Mr. Gebremeskel Chala has stated that one of the many reforms the government has done after the change is oil reform. The government is forced to do this because the low price of fuel in Ethiopia is being sold abroad through contraband. Mr. Gebre Meskel has pointed out that the results of the reform work has been done.

The minister mentioned that the other purpose of the oil reform is to bring the price to the right price, to adjust the distribution and marketing. The use of different technology options is to make the oil market system healthy. So far, 1,26 stations have been connected to telebration system.

The minister has also called for stations to make preparations since the fuel market system will be fully electronic payment system.

Transport and Logistics Minister Dr. Alemu Sime said that the government is preparing a strong transport policy and is making extensive efforts to provide transport services that meet international standards.

Dr. Alemu, who pointed out that the payment system not being fully digitized has created problems with the support system and it is difficult to control, stated that to solve this, it is necessary to complete the petrol market electronic payment system.

The government has paid 7.3 billion birr for fuel so far.

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