Finance Minister Deeta held talks with the chairman of China International Energy Group on bilateral economic cooperation.

February 27/2015 E.C. Deputy Finance Minister Mrs. Semerita Sewasew discussed with the delegates led by Mr. Li Xiang, the chairman of China International Energy Group, about the upcoming investment and economic cooperation between Ethiopia and China in her office.

During the discussion, her excellency Mrs. Semerita Sewasew mentioned that China International Energy Group is a huge Chinese company that has been participating in energy generation and drinking water projects in Ethiopia and explained that Ethiopia is determined to work with this huge company and other Chinese investors.

Li Xiang, the chairman of the Chinese International Energy Group, Li Xiang, has announced that the group has built Ethiopian coal power generation, Fincha Amerti Nish power generation, Genale Dawa 3 power generation and drinking water projects. He has indicated that the group has interest in continuing investment in industrial, cement factory and renewable energy.

China International Energy Group is one of China’s largest companies and multi-billion-dollar investment institution, in addition to energy production, transportation, construction, manufacturing, housing and many other investment sectors.

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