BEACA General Trading and Shakman International Automotive Manufacturer Company are going to start installing heavy vehicles in Ethiopia.

February 16/2015 M(E. M) BEACA General Business Management Limited and Shakman International Automotive Manufacturing Company are going to start installing heavy machinery and vehicles in Ethiopia.
The Minister of Industry Mr. Melaku Alebel, who spoke at the start of the joint cooperation between the two companies, said that the role of the logistic problem in the manufacturing industry is important in solving the logistic problems that the government faces in addition to preparing policies and completing infrastructure, he said that the government will work by supporting the private sector.
BEACA’s general business managing director Mr. Michael Kase has said that the installation of machines and vehicles will be done in collaboration with Shakman Group.
Noting that there is an agreement divided into three stages of action, they said that they will put 1 thousand 500 heavy vehicles for the market in the first round.
In the second chapter, they mentioned that they plan to install 3 thousand vehicles per year.
In addition to assembling and manufacturing vehicles, knowledge and skill transfer and manpower training will take place.
Among those who are going to be installed, Kassoni, Lobed, liquid truck vehicle Hybed are heavy vehicles and said they will start putting them on market after 45 days.
The program of the two companies to initiate joint work has taken place in Addis Ababa Friendship Park with the presence of Shakman Group and other high government officials.


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