Zenith Steel Company to Invest Over 150 Million USD in One Of Ethiopia’s Industrial Parks 

Zenith Steel Company, which is known for producing high-quality steel and electrical equipment in China, has expressed its desire to enter and invest in Bole Lemi Industrial Park, Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) CEO Aklilu Tadese, received and spoke with the General Manager of the company Liwon Donga, and officials.

The largest number of foreign investors in the industrial parks managed by the corporation are Chinese, the CEO said. For this reason, he mentioned that the corporation has also opened a Chinese investment desk.

Officials of the company explained the investment plan, current activities of the company, and the work they plan to do in the first phase.

Zenith Steel Company, which is based in Changzhou Province, China set a plan to acquire 30 hectares of leased land in the Bole Lemi Industrial Park and invest more than 150 million US dollars.

Source: ENA

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