Reputed Housing Construction Company Expanding Investment Beyond Building Houses

The OVID Group, a company with a reputation for efficient housing projects in Ethiopia, is striving to broaden its investment horizons to the transport and industry sectors.

OVID Group leadership has visited the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) and discussed with the ENA leadership on common areas of collaboration.

OVID Group CEO, Yonas Tadese on the occasion highlighted the company’s plans to contribute further to the country’s development through various sectors, including transportation and industry.

OVID has established itself as a leader in Ethiopia’s construction sector, delivering quality housing projects in short timeframes.

Recently, the company has also completed a study for implementing a cable car transportation system within the capital city, he revealed.

“We are expanding to the transportation and industry beyond housing development and introducing modern technology to deliver speedy and quality construction projects to contribute to Ethiopia’s development and to create a better country,” Yonas remarked.

He highlighted the prevalent housing challenges faced by low and middle-income citizens in Ethiopia, emphasizing OVID’s dedication to finding solutions in collaboration with banks and government support.

The CEO also revealed the completion of a study on a novel construction technology even more efficient than the current methods used in the country.

Furthermore, Yonas acknowledged the positive impact of government support on OVID’s development and adoption of advanced technologies. He cited the company’s recently built bread factory in Lemi Kura Sub-city as an example, highlighting its contribution to creating job opportunities. He pledged to continue undertaking projects that benefit Ethiopian society.

Ethiopian News Agency CEO Seife Deribe for his part emphasized the shared development goals of ENA and OVID, highlighting the importance of a collaborative partnership to drive the country’s progress.

The CEO also said that ENA could act as a partner by amplifying OVID’s development initiatives through targeted communication to both domestic and international audiences while maintaining its unwavering commitment to professional integrity.

He added that OVID can leverage the resources available in ENA’s recently inaugurated state-of-the-art building complex, including the halls.

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