NEW BWP data center in ethiopia

BitCluster launches a 120 MW data center in Ethiopia. The facility with an area of 30 thousand square meters is located in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, on the territory of the Kilinto high-voltage substation.

The commissioning of the new data center will take place in January 2024. Transformers are currently being connected.

The engineering and technical conditions of the data center meet the requirements of the most modern mining devices. 

100% of the data center’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources, specifically

from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the largest hydropower project in Africa with a capacity of 5.15 GW.

The new energy infrastructure of the Kilinto high-voltage substation (230/33 kV) will ensure uninterrupted power supply to the facility with the expected uptime 99%.

The facility has an advantageous location – 45 minutes by car to Bole International Airport, which makes access to the data center easy and fast, optimizing the price of equipment delivery. Optimal climate of the area, such as: air temperature 12-23 °C, absence of heat and dust create ideal operating conditions for mining equipment.

BitCluster provides data center customers with full support in the supply, installation, connection and maintenance of devices. An integrated security system will be installed at the facility: 2 security perimeters, access control, video surveillance. The scale of the project allows to make a full-cycle service center, thereby saving time and money on the logistics of faulty devices to repair center, which makes mining more efficient.

The key advantages of the project are: free capacity of 120 MW, duty-free import of equipment, low cost of electricity, advantageous location with easy access to key transport routes. 

“Ethiopia, with its hydropower potential, will undoubtedly become a new place of attraction for global mining.” – comments Sergey Arestov, co-founder of BitCluster.

Welcome to the new data center in Ethiopia!

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