It is reported that the number of people who have been accused of the anti-corruption campaign has reached 640.

According to the recommendation received by the federal government for the national anti-corruption committee established in November, the number of people accused of corruption has reached 640. The national anti-corruption committee has announced that 226 thousand square meters of land is being investigated.

This was stated by the members of the anti-corruption coordinating committee formed by the federal, regional and city administrations today Thursday, February 30, 2015 at the Sky Light Hotel. The director of national information and security and the chairman of the coordinating committee Mr. Temesgen Tiruneh said that the National Anti-Corruption Committee has started investigating 175 of the 759 recommendations.

Mr. Temesgen has announced that the number of people that have been charged from the 81 records opened following the investigation has reached 640. According to the recommendations received, it has been reported that 2.2 billion birr “public and government property” has been damaged by corruption. Regional anti-corruption committees have pointed out that when the damage is added to this, the damage can be increased.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed established a seven-member national anti-corruption committee about three months ago stating that corruption is “a threat to the security of the country”. This committee led by the prime minister is responsible for “coordinating the government’s campaign against corruption” and identifying the corrupt “actors” and presenting them to the law. Following the establishment of this committee, it will be noted that regional governments and city administrations have formed similarly shaped committees.

(Ethiopia Insider)

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