Industrial Park Sees Some 20 Million USD in Revenue from Exports

Hawassa Industrial Park announced that it has obtained 20 million US dollars from exports during the first six months of this Ethiopian budget year.

Hawassa Industrial Park is one of the leading foreign manufacturers’ destinations and has been dedicated to hosting mainly textile and garment products in Ethiopia.

Currently, the park comprises leading global apparel and textile companies from America, China, India, and Sri Lanka as well as local manufacturers that are operating within the park, it was indicated.

The General Manager of Hawassa Industrial Park, Mathiwos Ashenafi told ENA that some 20 million US dollars was generated from the export of various products.

According to Mathiwos, the industrial park has carried out effective activities during this Ethiopian fiscal year, that would help the international textile and garment manufacturers to operate within the park.

To this end, about 22 international textile and garment manufacturers have signed a contract to become operational within this park and nineteen of them have already been operating, he elaborated.

Among those companies which have started production, several manufacturers are widely operating in the European and African markets.

On the other hand, the manager also mentioned that Hawassa Industrial Park has carried out activities that benefit the local community.

In this regard, more than 25,000 localities have gained experience from those giant global manufacturers and the received skills as well as technology, Mathiwos indicated.

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