Health Minister Urges Russian Companies To Invest In Ethiopia’s Pharmaceutical Sector

The Ethiopian Health Minister, Dr. Lia Tadesse received at her office the Russian delegation led by the Head of the Federal Agency for Minerals Resources of the Russian Federation, Evgeny Petrov (PhD).

The two sides discussed, among others, the 100 years of service being offered by the Dejazmach Balcha Hospital of the Russian Red Cross in Addis Ababa and the activities to be undertaken to transform the institution.

Dr. Lia stressed the need to equip Dejazmach Balcha Hospital with advanced medical technologies and modern infrastructures to enhance the quality of services in the institution.

The Russian delegation, for their part, stated that activities aimed at transforming the 100-year-old hospital are being carried out. The delegation affirmed their government’s commitment to supply the hospital with modern medical equipment and infrastructure to ensure quality services in the facility.

Ways to provide capacity-building support for Ethiopian health professionals with short-term and long-term training, advance maternal and child care services, and strengthen preventive mechanisms against communicable and non-communicable diseases are also among the issues discussed during the meeting.

Dr. Lia further urged the Russian companies to invest in the pharmaceutical sector of Ethiopia thereby contributing to the efforts to boost the health sector in the country. She said the government of Ethiopia has taken supportive measures to create an enabling investment climate in the country and put in place various incentives to attract more foreign investments.

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