French Dev’t Agency Reaffirms Commitment to Strengthen Partnership with Ethiopia

The French Development Agency (AFD) has reaffirmed its dedication to strengthening its comprehensive development collaboration with the Ethiopian government.

Minister of Planning and Development, Fitsum Assefa, and State Minister, Nemera Gebeyehu exchanged views with the Director of AFD for Ethiopia, Louis Anthony Sochet on the ongoing collaboration.

On the occasion Fitsum, highlighting the enduring cooperative relationship between Ethiopia and France, expressed that it is continuously evolving.

She particularly emphasized AFD’s crucial support for Ethiopia’s Home-Grown Economic Reforms.

The Minister conveyed gratitude for the technical assistance provided during the program’s first phase and requested the continuation of such support in the second phase of the reform.

Louis Anthony Sochet for his part affirmed AFD’s steadfast commitment to reinforcing ties with Ethiopia.

He assured that AFD will continue to support the implementation of the second phase of the Home-Grown Economic Reform.

Sochet also shared that AFD is actively involved in collaborative efforts with Ethiopia across diverse sectors, encompassing energy development, urban planning, post-conflict area development, and agriculture.

The ongoing cooperation between Ethiopia and France is poised to play a pivotal role in assisting Ethiopia in achieving its developmental objectives, according to the Ministry of Planning and Development.

This commitment underscores the profound importance of international partnerships in fostering sustainable economic growth and effectively addressing multifaceted challenges.

Source: ENA

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