Export Trade Recorded Average Growth Of 7% In The Past 4 Years In Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, September 18, 2023 – Ethiopia’s export trade has recorded an average growth of 7% in the last 4 years, the Ministry of Planning and Development (MoPD) has stated.

Stating that the agriculture sector takes the highest share among export trade areas, the Ministry revealed that coffee, oilseeds, flowers, and chaat are the major agricultural export products.

The coffee and flower export trade obtained more profits than the projected plan, according to MoPD.

It is stated that the mining sector is the second-highest among the sectors that have recorded growth in export trade. Gold tops the list of mining goods export trade.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector is ranked third in the growth of export trade, of which textile products are the leading export goods in the sector.

Source: EPD

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