Ethiopian Roads Administration has held a discussion focused on the past six months of work and future works.

In today’s discussion, implementation of institutional and strategic issues, regular tasks, implementation of multi-sector issues and the problems encountered during the six months of work have been discussed. The discussion was held in the presence of Ethiopian Men’s Administration General Director Engineer Mohammed Abudurahman and vice general directors, directors and team leaders. Out of the 27 construction project management offices 25 offices have started working at full capacity in order to serve the society closely and to control road construction projects for six months in the budget year. 14 road projects have been purchased in the last six months. In this regard, the purchase of 19 construction control (consultant) was made. 397 kilometers of asphalt road has been constructed in the last six months of the budget year. In addition to this, regular, up to date and heavy maintenance, total 5,123 km. May road maintenance is done. 26.27 billion birr has been spent for the activities done in the first 6 months of the budget year. The report shows that the war that has been going on in the northern part of our country for the past six months, the lack of capacity and construction materials and foreign currency has caused an interference in the construction projects. In addition, it has been stated on the stage that the issues that are raised with the enforcement of boundaries have caused many road constructions to interrupt. It has also been emphasized that all stakeholders need to cooperate and read together to solve this problem. It is stated in the discussion that many works will be done in the next six months by closing the gaps seen in the last six months.

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