Ethiopian Racks Up Over $2bn From Cargo Service Last Fiscal Year

Ethiopian Airlines Group has pocketed more than 2 billion USD from cargo services during the previous fiscal year, Group CEO Mesfin Tasew confirmed during the airline celebration of Ethiopian Cargo Customers’ Day to commemorate their longstanding partnership.

The airline has awarded several best-performing customers in different categories.

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mesfin Tasew said at the event that the company has secured over 2 billion USD from its cargo services during the last fiscal year.

Last year, the cargo service transported over 740,000 tons of freight, Mesfin pointed out.

The CEO further stated that the airline is committed to providing its cargo customers with the highest level of technology and efficiency.

Ethiopian is increasing the number of cargo aircraft and expanding its cargo destinations across the globe.

The airline is operating 16 cargo carriers and has reached 67 freight destinations.

The cargo service, supplemented by the growing storage and transport capacity of Ethiopian Airlines has been bolstering the import-export activities of the country, the CEO noted.

The cargo service has been operating for several decades in parallel with the passenger service, he added.

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest and leading aviation group in Africa, and its longstanding partner Boeing announced on Wednesday the carrier has agreed to order up to 67 jets.

This landmark order is made based on the Airlines’ growth plan and Vision 2035 Strategy, it was learned.

Source: FBC

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