Ethiopian Electric Utility Unveils Tech Center to Revolutionize Prepaid Services

With a vast customer base exceeding 4.6 million nationwide, comprising over 3.75 million post-paid users alongside 900,000 prepaid customers, EEU revealed that it was working towards enhancing its technological infrastructure. The company is poised to address long-standing challenges for its prepaid customers and enhance convenience through the development of a cutting-edge technology center valued at USD 48 million.

Scheduled for completion by year-end, Situated in Addis Ababa’s Kotebe district, the new technology center is expected to address perennial challenges faced by prepaid users, including service disruptions, limited accessibility, and unreliable payment notifications. The forthcoming upgrade promises to empower customers by enabling effortless account recharges through cards or digital payments, removing the necessity for physical visits to service centers. Moreover, the center seeks to alleviate the inconvenience of long queues, a significant source of frustration for customers.

The technological overhaul of the Kotebe center extends beyond serving existing customers to accommodate anticipated growth in user numbers. By 2030, EEU plans to implement a system for remote energy consumption readings, providing customers with real-time usage data and ensuring precise billing without manual meter readings.

Source: Capital Ethiopia

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