Ethiopian Business, Investment Forum Held in Doha

An Ethiopian Business and Investment Forum that aims to consolidate the economic foundation of Ethio-Qatari ties with a focus on enhancing cooperation on horticulture, agri-business, and tourism was held in Doha, Qatar, today.

Opening the forum, Foreign Affairs State Minister Mesganu Arga said Ethiopia welcomes Qatari enterprises to invest and take advantage of its untapped economic potential in the agricultural sector.

In this respect, the Doha International Horticulture Expo, which opened on 2nd October 2023 and closes on 28th March 2024, is an important platform that presents a new prospect and vitality for Ethiopian horticulture commodities to enter the Qatari market, he added.

Ethiopia is making good use of this world’s premium expo showcasing its fruits, flowers, coffee, and tourist attractions to the Qatari and the global public.

The Ethiopian Pavilion opened by the state minster is now exhibiting sustainable, harmonious, and eco-friendly horticulture produced all year round under the theme: “13 Months of Green Production”

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Qatar, Feyisel Aliyi stressed at the forum the need to tap and expand mutually beneficial cooperation in fields such as agro-processing, aviation, tourism, and energy that lead to more Ethiopian products entering the Qatari market while encouraging Qatari enterprises to invest in Ethiopia.

Source: ENA

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