Ethiopia Working to Build Strong, Sustainable Logistics System

A half-day validation workshop on Ethiopia’s Logistics Masterplan Phase I Diagnostic hosted by the Ethiopian Maritime Authority is underway.

Speaking at the validation workshop held today, State Minister of Transport and Logistics, Denge Boru said the government is working hard to build a strong and sustainable logistics system.

He pointed out that the Masterplan will contribute to improving the effectiveness of the Ethiopian logistics sector.

Stressing the importance of improving the logistics sector, he said this first phase of the Ethiopian Logistics Masterplan will help identify missions, implement major projects in the sector, and have a common understanding to increase global competitiveness.

The State Minister further mentioned the pivotal role being played by the logistics sector for the country’s economic development, emphasizing the need to regularly update the plan to ensure its effectiveness.

Moreover, he reiterated that the logistics sector should be modernized with technology, and capacity building, among others to ensure its benefit.

The Ethiopian Logistics Masterplan was developed by DT Global, an international consultant.

Source: ENA

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