Ethiopia Plays Pivotal Role In Regional Economic Integration – Finance Minister

Ethiopia serves as a crucial driver of security and economic linkages within the region, according to Finance Minister Ahmed Shide.

Mr. Ahmed Shide remarked on his participation in the World Economic Forum’s Special Meetings held this week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

On the occasion, Mr. Ahmed asserted that South-South cooperation holds immense potential to address the world’s growing challenges. The minister acknowledged that such cooperation is essential in tackling the multifaceted issues facing the global community.

In this regard, he emphasized that Ethiopia’s membership in BRICS will strengthen its economic ties with the member countries. The minister reminded that Ethiopia is home to various international organizations, including the African Union, which has elevated the country’s role within the region and the continent.

According to him, Ethiopia occupies a strategic position in connecting the countries of the region, with Ethiopian Airlines playing a dominant role in linking Africa to the global marketplace.

He emphasized that Ethiopia is making substantial contributions to the economic integration and stability of neighboring countries, and holds a significant position in fostering relations between the Horn of Africa and the Arab world.

The minister also stated that the BRICS member countries can work together in terms of economy, investment, technology, and capacity building, further underscoring Ethiopia’s pivotal role in these endeavors.

Source: FBC

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