Ethiopia Participates in Qatar’s Coffee Expo

Ethiopia is actively participating in the International Specialty Coffee Fair taking place in Doha, Qatar. The event spans three days, including today.

Faisal Ali, Ethiopia’s Special Envoy, and Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Qatar, expressed the significance of the fair as a valuable platform for direct connections between coffee producers and buyers. He highlighted the opportunity for Ethiopia to showcase its exceptional, naturally-grown coffee with its distinct flavors and exceptional quality. The fair serves as an excellent avenue for Ethiopia to introduce its diverse range of coffee varieties to a global audience, particularly the people of Qatar.

Ambassador Faisal underscored the positive impact of the fair, emphasizing how it creates a conducive environment for coffee importers in Qatar to directly explore Ethiopian coffee products, make purchases, and foster long-term relationships. The event attracts businesses from various countries engaged in coffee processing, cultivation, production, sales, and other related activities, all converging for this three-day international coffee fair.

Source: Fana BC

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