Ethio Telecom Launches Telebirr-Based Digital Financial Marketplace

Ethio Telecom has officially launched today a telebirr-based Digital Financial Marketplace that enables Banks, Microfinance, Insurance, and other institutions in the ecosystem to easily make their financial products accessible to their customers.

The new platform is also said to enable institutions in the financial sector to manage their share buying and selling processes cost-effectively.

The Digital Financial Marketplace provides a unified platform for financial institutions to offer microfinance services, including micro-credit, saving, and insurance services to their customers at competitive prices through the convenient telebirr using mobile phones.

The service is based on a credit scoring system identified through artificial intelligence and customer-centric data analysis to evaluate the credit activities and timely repayment experience to provide credit services without collateral, Ethio Telecom said.

Similarly, our Ethio Telecom has launched a telebirr SuperApp-based Digital Share Sell/Buy platform which empowers authorized business institutions to digitize their share buying and selling process cost-effectively and make their shares widely and easily accessible to the wider society.

Telebirr digital payment system is playing a key role in enabling users to access the most secure, easy, fast, and convenient transactions, especially in ensuring financial inclusion, matching the service providers and the users, encouraging entrepreneurship and investment, and accelerating the nationwide efforts geared towards building an overall digital economy.

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