Ethio-Engineering Group to Shift Focus to Electric Vehicles and Machinery with Government Backing

Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Temesgen Tiruneh, announced a significant shift for the Ethio-Engineering Group, revealing their upcoming transition to assembling electric vehicles and machinery.

The government sees Ethio-Engineering Group, with its established capacity and expertise, as a critical player in achieving its goal of phasing out imported petrol and diesel cars. The company’s CEO, Suleiman Dedefo, expressed their readiness to take on this challenge and embark on assembling electric vehicles and machinery.

The Bishoftu Automotive Workshop is already actively involved in various projects. One project involves assembling touring vehicles. Another focuses on assembling machinery for agro-processing industries, particularly for processing wheat, potatoes, and tomatoes, aiming to ease the workload for households, especially women.

Suleiman Dedefo acknowledged challenges related to obtaining raw materials. However, he assured that they are implementing alternative solutions to address these hurdles.

The recent import restrictions on petrol and diesel vehicles were highlighted by Industry Minister Melaku Alebel as an opportunity for the electric vehicle industry. He emphasized the emerging market advantage for electric vehicle producers and assemblers. The Minister also hinted at government incentives planned to propel the growth of green industries.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

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