EIC Hosts All-China Federation Of Industry & Commerce Delegation

The Ethiopian Investment Commission Chief Commissioner Ms. Lelise Neme and EIC management hosted the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) delegation this morning.

The delegation comprises more than 17 Chinese enterprises, led by His Excellency Xu Lejiang, Executive Vice Chairman of ACFIC, and the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Zhao Zhiyuan.

EIC commissioner, Lelise Neme along with the senior EIC management team has warmly received and acknowledged their visit to Ethiopia and highlighted the business ties between the two countries -briefed investment opportunities in Ethiopia, particularly in priority investment sectors.

In a notable statement, Mr. Xu underscored ACFIC’s extensive reach, serving more than 140 million non-public market entities and 110 million individual businesses, highlighting its role in connecting businesses in China and the rest of the world.

Emphasizing Ethiopia as not only the gateway to African markets but also the primary entry point, the Vice Chairman highlighted the significance of conducting investment forums in both nations to cultivate relations and bolster endeavors in attracting Chinese investments to Ethiopia.

Ambassador Zhao, following these remarks, accentuated the strategic importance of engaging Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia’s fertilizer production and steel industry as key areas for intervention.

Representatives from the delegation expressed interest in investing in Ethiopia’s steel and agricultural sectors.

The meeting was concluded with a commitment to deepen relations and host an event together to promote sector-specific investment deals in Ethiopia.

Source: FBC

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