Council of Ministers Discuses, Passes Decision on Three Draft Bills, Manufacturing Policy

The council of ministers in its regular meeting today has discussed and passed decisions on three draft proclamations and one draft policy, Office of the Prime Minister disclosed.

Firstly, the council discussed on a revised draft bill on land expropriation, payment of compensation and rehabilitation of relocated people from their original land for the benefit of the public.

The draft revised bill regarding land expropriation and compensation aims at strengthening the provision of adequate and appropriate compensation, proportional replacement of land and necessary supports to people who relocate from their land for the benefit of the public.

After deliberating extensively, the council has referred the draft bill to the House of Peoples Representative for approval.

The second agenda discussed by the Councils of Ministers was a draft proclamation on Medal, Nishan and Awards.

The bill aims at establishing a system to recognize citizens who deliver extraordinary contribution to the national development of the country in various sectors, to encourage others to follow their footsteps, promote job creation, and ensure sustainable prosperity.

The Council discussed in-depth on the draft proclamation and passed it to the House of Peoples Representative for approval.

The other issue presented to the council of ministers was a draft bill on celebration of public holidays, vacations, and ways of celebrating holidays.

Providing legal recognition to public holidays and vacations is vital as they are instrumental to building citizen’s ethics and psychology in addition to their huge contribution to social and economic advancement, the statement issued by the office of the prime minister indicated.

It was also pointed out that creating enabling environment to observe the holidays at national level by preserving their religious, cultural and historical values to help strengthen people to people interaction and harmony.

The Council after extensively discussed on the draft proclamation unanimously referred it to the House of Peoples Representative for approval.

Finally, the Council of Ministers discussed on draft policy of manufacturing industries.

The policy aspires to strengthening the role of the manufacturing industry to the overall economy of the country and expedites structural transition.

The draft policy is also believed to attract Foreign Direct Investment, enhance foreign currency revenues, strengthen import substitution, and ensure sustainable job creation.

The Council decided unanimously to refer the draft policy to the House of Peoples Representative for approval after extensively discussed on the document.

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