Cool Port Addis to be Launched this Ethiopian Year

Cool Port Addis, the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics (ESL) project, will be launched this Ethiopian year. This initiative aims to revolutionize the storage and transportation of Ethiopian fruits and vegetables, paving the way for increased exports and foreign currency earnings.

Cool Port Addis will feature specialized refrigeration containers, ensuring the preservation of perishables such as fruits and vegetables during storage and transportation. This will ultimately lead to higher quality produce reaching international markets, fetching better prices, and boosting Ethiopia’s export revenue.

While the groundwork for the project began six years ago at Mojo Dry Port, funding constraints and technical expertise shortages delayed its initiation. However, recent progress has been significant. ESL secured a USD 25 million financial backing agreement from the Dutch government, covering half of the project’s total cost of USD 50 million. The Ethiopian government will contribute the remaining USD 25 million.

The initial phase of the Cool Port Addis project necessitates an investment of roughly USD 27.5 million. Invest International, an organization that reports to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, will contribute USD 11.7 million, with the Ethiopian government funding the rest. Contracts for the construction and operation of the cooling warehouse will be put out for tender. Given the project’s innovative and sustainable nature, Dutch firms specializing in cooling logistics and horticulture are anticipated to participate in the Cool Port Addis venture.

Mehreteab Teklu, CEO of Ports and Terminals at ESL, confirmed the project’s official launch this year, with completion anticipated within the next two years. This positive development is coupled with the upcoming inauguration of a fuel storage depot at Mojo Dry Port next month. Costing over Birr 47 million, this dedicated facility will ensure a reliable fuel supply, further strengthening cargo services in the region.

Source: Fana BC and Horti Daily

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