Assembling Of Safari Vehicles Progressing Well: Ministry

In a visit to assess the progress of safari vehicle assembly, Mr. Melaku Alebel, the Minister of Industry, highlighted the pivotal role of local manufacturers in expanding technology transfer, realizing import substitution strategies, and achieving the goals of the Ethiopia Tamrt (Made in Ethiopia) initiative. The minister emphasized the importance of creating favorable conditions for the tourism sector and generating sustainable employment opportunities for citizens.

During his visit, Mr. Melaku acknowledged the challenges faced by the local manufacturing industries and expressed his commitment to addressing them. He stated that the Ministry of Industry would work in coordination with relevant stakeholders to overcome these obstacles.

The minister’s remarks underscored the significance of supporting local manufacturers and prioritizing domestic products at the national level. He emphasized the need to foster collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders to ensure the successful manufacturing of safari vehicles in the automotive sector.

Efforts have already been made in the production process, with a substantial portion of the mechanical work completed. However, the focus remains on completing the assembly of vehicles to meet the desired quality and standard, the Ministry of Industry confirmed.

The Ministry’s proactive approach is said to be a promising future for the local manufacturing industries. By working together with stakeholders, the ministry aims to overcome challenges and pave the way for the growth and success of domestic manufacturers in Ethiopia.

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