Action has been taken on 44 companies that were working without their business license.

Addis Ababa February 16/2015 The Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations has taken action on 44 companies out of the 500 companies that were inspected for business license for six months during the fiscal year.

The business organizations that have been taken action according to the proclamation, businesses that had a business license, businesses that were built outside of the allowed fields and objectives, those who did not have a business license, their business licenses have been canceled by law and administrative measures, businesses that were found working without renewing their business licenses, and businesses that were found to be operating without renewing their license, the business system and The licensing sector outlines the implementation of the 6-month plan.

Written warnings have been given to 26 companies during the investigation and 18 of them have been banned.

In contrast, the ministry that confirmed that 456 organizations are working legally has stated that the action taken on businesses that are exposed to violations of the law will continue.

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